ERPlite Overview

Advanced manufacturing features added to QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise for an affordable price, including: auto-creation of needed Purchase and Work Orders for open Sales Orders and/or forecast, Engineering Change Management with digital signature authorizations, multi-location and serial/lot tracking (WIP, finished goods, inspection, etc), open source...allows customization, cloud hosting alternatives, Bill of Materials revision tracking and re-use, integrations with QuickBooks, Quotewerks, Parts&Vendors, barcode creation/reading, self implement without need for special skills ....and much more.

Very low getting started and life-cycle costs. Designed for 1 to 100 users. Install on your existing Windows PC's or on an cloud based QuickBooks hosting service.

Two versions :: fully featured version, ERPlite Pro, integrates with QuickBooks Desktop either in your local PC's or in the cloud....and a lighter, web-based version, cloudMRP integrates with QuickBooks Online

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Advanced Manufacturing Inventory for QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.
All the effective features of QuickBooks Advanced Inventory with fewer Quickbooks Users....and works fine with Quickbooks Pro , Premiere or Enterprise....for a very affordable price.
Track Serial/Lot Numbers within process and to Customer
Track inventory by location and serial/lot numbers. Draw specific serial/lot numbers to be used to build an assembly. On recalls and repairs...drill down from visible serial/lot number to embedded serial/lot numbers.
Cloud Hosting
Several cloud hosting alternatives exist from your own Windows Server Remote Desktop Services to hosting companies (we recommned but any Quickbooks hosting company will work). This allows ERPlite to be used from any internet connected device...PC, Mac, iPhone, Android tablets/smartphones etc.
SQL Server/MySQL
The standard ERPlite backend database is Microsoft Access, but you can easily (no IT skills needed) upgrade to SQL Server or MySQL.


Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP).
Automatically creates a schedule for planned Purchase Orders and Assembly build orders, based exploding product bills of materials and on lead times, required to meet promised ship dates ... for open Sales Orders and/or a forecast.
Track inventory by location, shelf, bin
Track inventory in all the locations that you own assets :: shop floor, engineering, multiple warehouses, contract manufacturers etc.
Open Source
You get the source code for the user interface and 1st level of business, you can customize 100% of ERPlite's functionality.
Shop Floor Control :: Routing Lists
Routing lists can be set up for any assembly so that production operations are scheduled in the desired order...and status reported.



“We have a 30 person Fabless Semiconductor Company with a volume of 500,000 to 1,000,000 IC's shipped per year. We use QuickBooks and ERPlite. ERPlite helps us manage our entire manufacturing inventory, from procurement of Raw Materials to shipment of Finished Goods. WIP is also handled efficiently with BOM and Work Order management provided by ERPlite. Inventory, Inventory Valuation, S/R, P.O.’s, Invoices, etc. It does it all and it works great!”

Director Manufacturing

“ I have been a long time user of QuickBooks Pro and their ability to handle manufacturing was a big problem. ERPlite solved this inexpensively and easily for us. The program sends all the financial information to QuickBooks Pro and has the ability to do MRP, BOMs, Sales orders, custom POs, etc.”

VP Operations

We've used the ERPlite now for 5 yrs and have customized the there front end code extensively for our electronic board manufacturing and repair hub.”

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